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Sleep Coaching Success, Simplified

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Many sleep-deprived parents are overwhelmed by the amount information that is out there about how to get their child to sleep. I know this. I was once one of them. The truth is that, once you boil all the information down, it doesn’t have to be all that complicated. It comes down to a few […]

Sleep Coaching — When to Hire a Professional

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If you’re a first-time parent, there is almost no way to prepare for the early days of sleep-deprived stupor. Perhaps this isn’t your first, but you blocked out the experience with your previous children. Most new parents encounter some period where they are getting by on very little sleep. Newborns and infants wake frequently as […]

Sleep Tips Adults Can Take from Young Children

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When I discuss what I do with people, I frequently get asked questions about adult sleep. Now, the fact of the matter is that adult sleep is much more complicated than young children’s sleep. However, there are some sleep fundamentals that adults can take away and apply to their own lives in an effort to enhance […]

How to Gently Shape Sleep for Your Younger Baby

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I often get calls from parents with babies who are younger than six months old. I’m honest with them and explain that most babies under six months of age truly need their parents to comfort them. Research states that such young babies just haven’t developed the coping skills they need to sleep without any intervention. […]

Medical Reasons Your Child Is Not Sleeping: Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a potentially serious disorder in which breathing repeatedly starts and stops during sleep, is one of the most common medical reasons that babies and children may have trouble sleeping. Surprisingly though, it’s not uncommon for children’s OSA cases to go undiagnosed or take a while to diagnose—even extreme ones. If your […]

Common Questions about Teaching a Child to Sleep

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What type of children need sleep coaching? Unfortunately, not all children are naturally good sleepers. Approximately one in four children under the age of five has sleep problems. Although medical conditions can cause issues, challenges can also be behavioral. Some temperaments are more prone to sleep troubles. For example, it’s common for alert children (those […]