“Gretchen helped bring back my sanity! Before our sleep coaching, my son woke 2 to 3 times a night, rose around 5 AM every day, and only took cat naps, never in a crib. He would only nap while being held or in a moving car. Not only was he often overtired, but there was also no time during the day to get anything done since he needed to be held to nap. Our son’s behaviors did not fit in perfectly with all of the books I read or advice I received from other mothers. In our consultation and check ins, Gretchen helped us develop a plan of action for each night and a nap plan for each weekend when we are home during the day. Gretchen made sure it was a plan that we were comfortable with and were able to follow consistently. Through her coaching, we have reached my goal of 1 middle of the night nursing session and 2 day time naps – in a crib! I never thought I would be able to say that my son napped in his crib! Gretchen not only helped to coach us through this process, but she also taught us so much about sleep. The knowledge that she provided helps us make better decisions when special circumstances arise (illness, schedule changes). The sleep coaching has been invaluable to or family. Life is just better with a well-rested baby and parents!”

Krista C., Philadelphia, PA


“Gretchen’s passion for sleep coaching comes through in her whole approach – she listened to our routines, worked to understand our daughter’s temperament and patterns, shared valuable research, recommended different techniques, celebrated our successes and encouraged us through any challenges. The results speak to the extremely positive experience we had – our daughter went from never sleeping in her crib with challenges falling asleep and waking up several times per night, to sleeping in her crib during the day and night, falling asleep on her own and getting a restful 11-12 hours of sleep each night. We are so grateful to have partnered with Gretchen who customized a plan that fit our parenting approach and set our family up for success, and more sleep!”

Lauren P., Folsom, PA


“My experience with little sheep counters was absolutely amazing. Within days of meeting with Gretchen, both of my wild and untamed boys were loving their  new routine for bed and nap time! I felt like Gretchen was very thorough in assessing my children and also our family dynamics and this assessment was the perfect way to see what kind of sleep training would work for our family. I will admit I was a bit concerned that we would have more problems getting our kids to stay in their room at night but to my delight, the kids took right to the plan! I would recommend this service to anyone who is struggling with sleep training their kids!”

Sarah H., Pottstown, PA


“Gretchen has been a wonderful sleep coach for us. My baby would only sleep while rocked and would wake up 4-5 times a night. The time it took to rock him back to sleep became longer and longer and the act of “gently” transferring him to the crib became harder and harder, to the point where we were barely sleeping 2-3 hours a night and were walking zombies during the day.  Gretchen listened to our concerns and what we were willing to do and not do and provided detailed guidance and a proposed sleep plan to implement given our preferences and comfort levels.  She helped us start and set a sleepy but awake bedtime routine during the first week to help our baby to begin learning how to sleep on his own, and gave us cues to look for that signaled our baby was indeed learning to self-sooth.  With the groundwork laid out during the first week, our baby was able to start going to sleep on his own by the second week.  While I’ve researched and read about the various sleep coaching methods online, as a first-time mom, I found it difficult or impossible to implement them on my own without specific feedback tailored to my situation and my baby. Gretchen filled that gap and provided us with knowledge, feedback, and (just as importantly) encouragement each morning as we examined the prior night’s sleep results, tweaked what was not working, and laid out the plans for the next evening. Our baby now sleeps on his own for 10-11 hours each night and our life has been transformed 180 degrees.”

Fei X., Phoenixville, PA


“As a novice parent, I made many “rookie mistakes” with my first child: allowing her to sleep in my arms before transferring her to her bed, spending HOURS nightly of simply getting her into a deep enough sleep that she wouldn’t notice the transition, letting her sleep overnight and for naps in a swing while getting up every four hours to reset the swing so our curious daughter would not sense the lack of motion, and never giving her a chance to self-soothe when she woke. Finally, after 6 months, my husband and I decided enough was enough. We needed help. I reached out to Gretchen, desperate and at my wit’s end, and from the very first conversation, her encouragement and support made me feel an instantaneous relief. She assured me we COULD correct all these problems, and eventually, I would have a life. Though these changes didn’t take place overnight, and my family had a lot of extenuating circumstances (traveling for an ill family member multiple times, vacations, a tenacious and determined daughter who did NOT want her sleeping habits to change) Gretchen has been a steadfast support system and friend through this difficult transition. She never judged me, was kind, motivating, and our personal cheerleader. Most importantly, she truly listened and empathized with our plight, and held us accountable when I wanted to waver or wanted to give up. She checked in with me daily and when I would e-mail her crazy hours of the day or night with dumb inquiries, and she always got back to me. She truly cares about her clients and their children and provided us with a few different options and allowed us to provide input. Finally, after our meeting, she created a feasible and manageable plan while taking our daughter’s temperament in mind that my husband and I felt completely okay with; something that truly speaks about her compassionate and sensitive personality. When some aspects stopped working for my daughter or weren’t yielding results, she suggested other options. She was tenacious and would not give up! She has been a wonderful coach and friend throughout this process and I can’t recommend her enough. As Henry Ford once said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Believe me, I know changing sleep habits is daunting and scary, you’re afraid  your situation will get worse than it already is…but Gretchen encouraged us to do something different, which led to incredibly different (positive) results!”

Katelyn D., Broomall, PA


“Working with Gretchen as our sleep coach has been truly life-changing for our family. We were struggling for months with our daughter, trying just about everything we could think of to get her any sleep at all, only to have her wake up 20 minutes into a nap and every hour or two at night and repeat the whole song and dance over again and again. After meeting with Gretchen, we were immediately relieved to have her expertise, experience, and true understanding of our sleep challenges. She created a customized plan that fit both our parenting goals and our daughter’s particular temperament and needs. Gretchen’s encouragement and support throughout this process are really what sets her apart from going at it alone. She is a “coach” in every sense of the word! Within days of working with Gretchen, our daughter was not only sleeping 11-12 hours at night and stretching her naps longer, but was falling asleep on her own in her crib, something we honestly never thought we would see. Most importantly, our baby is well-rested and wakes up happy, which is all we’ve ever wanted! To say we would recommend working with Gretchen is a huge understatement – it is absolutely the best thing you can do for your family!”

Michele L., Malvern, PA


“Working with Gretchen has been one of the best decisions we have made since becoming parents. A few months ago, our son was struggling to sleep more than two or three hours at one time and those few hours of sleep were located not in his crib, but in the crook of our arm, a swing or in our bed.  The physical and emotional toll it was taking on our personal and professional lives were immense. After meeting in person with Gretchen, we felt relieved that we had someone in our corner who had the experience, patience and vested interest in helping our son find the “gift of sleep”. Gretchen worked with us to develop a customized plan tailored to our son, that fit with our busy schedule and was something we felt comfortable with executing.  The first few days were challenging, but Gretchen motivated us to keep going and instilled confidence in us that if we stick with the plan it would work. The results speak for themselves!  In less than a week, our son went from waking up four or five times a night to only waking up once.  Now one month later, our son can sleep through the night for up to 11 hours straight, plus take naps during the day for stretches of one to two hours at a time.  To see our son smiling after a good night sleep and to hear him laugh after a restful nap, is priceless!  I would gladly recommend Gretchen to work with you and your family.”

Rob S., Springfield, PA


“Working with Gretchen has been such a pleasure! She took the time to get to know our daughter’s temperament and worked with us to develop a sleep plan that worked for us. Our daughter went from refusing to sleep in her crib and only sleeping in 1-2 hour increments at night to sleeping in her crib with only 2 night  wakings (our choice was to keep two night feeds) within a few weeks. She was there to support and encourage us every step of the way. My husband and I are so grateful for all of her help during this process. Gretchen is passionate about her job and I would highly recommend her to work with you and your family!”

Anna J., Telford, PA


“There are too many resources out there that present conflicting information, less than gentle approaches, or are just overwhelming. When you’re sleep deprived the last thing you want to do is read a 300-plus page book on how to get your infant to sleep. But I did, in fact, read three different books–which just made me feel more overwhelmed. After I had been done with researching how to get my baby to sleep, I realized what I wanted was one-on-one support and guidance–incorporating gentler approaches that put as little stress on my son as possible. I wasn’t expecting that in three days he would be magically sleeping through the night. However, I was shocked and pleasantly surprised that within those first few days, he was sleeping four-to-five-hour stretches. He would wake but put himself back to sleep. In another day or two, he was sleeping six-hour stretches, again waking briefly and putting himself back to sleep. By about a week he slept through the night 12 hours. While documenting a couple of days of Sebastian’s schedule and sleep habits, Gretchen was able to identify a few easy changes to make in our routine, and I now have a ten-month-old with a consistent nap schedule who sleeps 12 hours through the night. Not to mention, I am also now getting proper sleep, and I have been able to start running and exercising again–and have even shed 15lbs baby weight. I couldn’t be more pleased with the individualized plan and services I received from Little Sheep Counters.”

~Mary D., Mont Clare, PA


“I am so so happy that I made the decision to contact Gretchen.  I was nervous that it was going to be a tedious adventure and was apprehensive at first.  Gretchen put me at ease with our first initial phone conversation and I was anxious to get started.  She came for the at home consultation and took her time getting to know us and our son.  She was so sincere and helped us create a plan of attack for our 7month old who was waking up every 2 hours.  She let me be the deciding factor in each decision we had to make.  Even though we used a slower, more gentle approach, each step we made was effective.  I thought for sure that putting him to bed earlier would never work, but quickly realized he was over tired and needed much more sleep than he was getting.  I was dedicated to stay on track and took each day as a new chance to help him sleep better.  It takes work on your part and a consistent routine, but it pays off tenfold.  Seriously within 1 month, Luca went from waking up every two hours, to once a night for a dream feed, and now he miraculously sleeps through the night.  I could have never done this on my own, and the caring and kind encouragement from Gretchen kept me motivated to keep going.  Best decision ever!!!  Happy parents and happy baby!!!”

~Kate B., Malvern, PA


“Gretchen literally saved us! We had a babe with reflux who got used to being upright & held. When it came time to transfer to his crib he needed that same comfort to fall asleep. So, we did it…a lot! It started with holding him to fall asleep and using ninja skills to quietly place him in his crib while sneaking out of the room. Then came the rushing around to shower, eat dinner, etc. because who knows when he’d wake up again? At first, my husband would go in and rock him, usually falling asleep with him in the arm chair. Then we brought him in bed with us…this all  caused me to sleep even less, from being Worried he wasn’t in his crib asleep. We were SO tired and SO grumpy. We both work full time so it became such a battle as to who would take him when he was up in the middle of the night. We finally decided after exhausting all resources, options, advice and sleep methods to call Gretchen.

She met with us and met our son and worked us through an initial plan in which we were able to customize to our family’s needs, beliefs and lifestyle. She listened and provided such great insight and feedback. After a few weeks of hard work and great collaboration and communication with Gretchen, I am SO proud to say that … we did it! Our son falls asleep with a kiss goodnight and we can lay him down and leave the room until we wake HIM up to get ready for the day! I can honestly say I was hesitant we’d get to our goal. I was nervous making the changes. But, Gretchen made me feel comfortable and confident with every single step. So, parents take it from someone who was once excited to get 3-4 hours of sleep and now someone who could sleep almost 11 with my child (if I didn’t decide to stay up late watching tv) it is possible. Gretchen is magical! ”

~Lare B., Kennett Square, PA


“Working with Gretchen has been one of the best decisions I made as a parent.  Before our coaching, our 1.5 year old was struggling with all aspects of sleep – early wakings, fighting naps, bedtime struggles, and night wakings. We all were overwhelmed and exhausted.  In just a few weeks, he was sleeping through the night, sleeping longer, napping and going to bed easier. Our day to day life was made drastically better since our sleep coaching with Gretchen. My son is well rested and happier, which makes me happier!  I can’t thank Gretchen enough.”

~Erin A., Phoenixville, PA


“Gretchen really helped us and our one-year-old go from sleepless nights with constant wake-ups, to a full night of continuous sleep in less than a week.    She put together a holistic plan for us and our daughter and helped us realize how our behaviors were encouraging poor sleep. We are really glad we found her!”

~Jeremy and Melissa F., Wilmington, DE


“When our son Charlie was 5 months old, he became quite difficult to put down in the crib at night.  No matter what we tried, the moment we would go to lay him in the crib he would start to cry.  Charlie is honestly the happiest and easiest baby, so when we were faced with this problem we were at such a loss.  We tried to let him cry, let him fall asleep on us and then put him in the crib, everything (many of which we learned wasn’t helping him).  By six months we didn’t know what to do and I was about to go back to work, we knew we needed help.  We contacted Gretchen and by the second night, Charlie was using sleep strategies that he hadn’t ever used.  Once Gretchen helped us come up with a plan, the process seemed so much easier.  I loved the gentle approach that Gretchen helped us use to coach Charlie to learn to sleep.  Charlie now goes to sleep at 6:30 and wakes up around 7:30.  We ALL feel so much better now that he is sleeping through the night.  It feels wonderful to know that as hard as it was the first few nights, we have been able to give him skills of self-soothing – skills in which he will need his entire life.  I cannot speak more highly of working with Gretchen and the gentle approach she used to help sleep coach your child.”

~Melissa A., Thornton, PA